Opening Ceremony | Monday 1 July | 09:30 | ETSI Caminos Amphitheatre

How to reach ETSI Caminos Amphitheatre:

  • Bus Shuttle planned from 8h30 to 9h30
  • Return Serrvice From 12h00 to 12h45

There will be ETSIAE students along the way with EUCASS identification to inform congress participants.

Doyle Knight

 Rutgers University
Master of Ceremony

Alain Merlen

Lille University
EUCASS President

Guillermo Cisneros Perez

Rector of UPM

Matthias Petschke

Director responsible for EU Satellite Navigation Programmes

Georgios Symeonidis

 Project Adviser-Scientific Officer European Research Council Executive Agency

Jean-Yves Le Gall


Hervé Gilibert​

Chief Technical Officer

Stefan Schlechtriem

Director Institute of Space Propulsion

Johann-Dietrich Woerner

General Director

Miguel A. Morell

SVP Director of Engineering of Military Aircraft, Airbus Defence and Space

Alex Flaig

Sr VP Airbus R&T

International Guests

Daniel Dumbacher

AIAA Executive Director

LI Ming

Vice President of the China Academy of space technology

CNES DLR Onera workshop on reusable systems for space access

Jean-Marc Astorg

Director of Launchers

Jean-Claude Traineau

Director of Space Program

Andreas Rittweger

Head of DLR Institute of Space Systems

Plenary 2 | Monday 1 July | 14:00 | ETSIAE Amphitheatre

Cleansky and SESAR UE programs: results perspectives and future orientations

Axel Krein

Executive Director

Florian Guillermet

Executive Director
SESAR Joint Undertaking

Plenary 3 | Tuesday 2 July | 11:30 | ETSIAE Amphitheatre

Boosting space into the future: a European endeavor

Jean-Jacques Dordain

Advisor, Professor, former DG of ESA 2003/2015

Alvaro Gimenez

Director General
Fundación General CSIC

Plenary 4 | Tuesday 2 July | 14:00 | ETSIAE Amphitheatre

International context

Daniel Dumbacher

AIAA Executive Director

Blanche Demaret

Former Program Director for Rotorcraft, ONERA

Yves Delrieux

Rotorcraft specialist ONERA

Air and Space Academy

Plenary 5 | Wednesday 3 July | 11:30 | ETSIAE Amphitheatre

European Research Council Grants: how and why ?

Georgios Symeonidis

Project Adviser-Scientific Officer European Research Council Executive Agency

Olivier Marquet

ERC Junior Grant

Plenary 6 | Wednesday 3 July | 14:00 | ETSIAE Amphitheatre

The technologies for future European launchers beyond Ariane 6

Eric Louaas

CNES, Launcher Directorate
Project Manager Research, Technologies, and Future Launch System Studies

Martin Sippel

Head of the Space Launcher System Analysis (SART)

Gérard Ordonneau

ONERA – The French Aerospace Lab
Program Director, Space Launchers

Ludger Froebel

ArianeGroup – National Technical Authority (NTA) – Strategic Partnerships

Plenary 7 | Thursday 4 July | 11:30 | ETSIAE Amphitheatre

International funding opportunities

Douglas Smith

US Air Force

Caroline Videlier

Head of Launcher Procurement service

Plenary 8 | Thursday 4 July | 14:00 | ETSIAE Amphitheatre

Satellite technologies

Antonio Abad


Xavier Lobao

Head of Future Programs Division, ESA

Miguel Belló

 CEO Deimos

Jesús Gonzalo

Expert on HAPS University of León

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